What Makes A Good Deal For You
About Bathroom Deal

Do you want the highest quality of product?

Or do you prefer rock bottom prices?

How about the reassurance of no hidden fees and 100% FREE delivery?

Maybe hassle-free returns are important to you?

Well, we feel all of the above would make the best deal for people in the UK who want to make the most visited (and judged) room in their home (the bathroom) as comfortable, stylish and as practical as possible.

Why Are We The Only Ones Giving You 100% Free Delivery?

We have no idea why others can’t give you this and that’s not really for us to speculate about.

But the fact is, we know that once you have carefully selected the products you know will fit and look perfect in your bathroom, kept to your budget, then get hit with a hefty delivery charge just when you’re about to buy…it totally throws your plans out of the window and puts you way back in “search mode”.

Then you have to try and find cheaper products that match your budget given now you have to factor in those pesky delivery charges and maybe some other extra fee.

Very annoying.

Here at BathroomdDeal.com we have made it so you can shop and select any product you want with the reassurance that you will never find a hidden cost or delivery charge!

This means you can base your buying decisions purely on what products you really want in your bathroom, no worries, stress free.

And What If You Need To Return Something?

No problem!

We have made the returns process as hassle free, as quick and as easy as possible.

Just give our friendly team a quick call and they will take care of everything for you.

How Do We Keep Your Costs Down?

We buy bulk and keep it all in our huge warehouse!
We have found this is a simple way to save us money and pass those savings on to you!

How Do We Keep Quality High?

This is really down to industry expertise, experience (we have over 20 years in this industry) and some great guys we have here in our quality control department.

Sourcing the highest quality of product is something of a passion for us.

Which it needs to be really because spending countless hours travelling and researching every “nook and cranny” of so many products is usually not something most people want to do!

Why Do We Stock So Many Different Sizes Of Products?

The main culprits here are shower trays, baths and towel rails amongst others.

We pride ourselves on keeping more stock of the more unusual sizes than any of our competitors.

This is of course for the people who have more unusual shapes and sizes in their bathrooms to fit in the items they want.

Nothing more frustrating than finding something you want only to find out you can’t get it in your size! We’ve fixed that in the bathroom world.

About Bathroom Deal

So please enjoy your shopping here at BathroomDeal.com
and if you want to contact us about anything at all,
our details are below and we would love to hear from you.

All the best,

The BathroomDeal.com team